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Mike Barbee is the Chairman for Advance Green Energy, Inc..

P.M. (Mike) Barbee


Mr. Barbee is a skilled promoter, marketer and negotiator with a “get the job done” sensibility. He is an accomplished public speaker and well regarded as both a motivational leader and a team player.

For over 10 years, Mr. Barbee has traveled the world looking at every green invention to save the world that has come across his path from, Hydrogen on demand, Methane recovery from digesters built years ago on dairy farms and then abandoned, Nanotechnology to help coal gasification plants produce cleaner coal to liquid fuel, to new designs in wind turbines that feed off of the wind wash from larger wind turbines. Mr. Barbee has built and sold over 35 corporations in the past, breaking records in most fields.

In addition to serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Advance Green Energy, Inc. Earlier on, he was a distributor for The Scott and Fetzer Company and was frequently named the company’s #1 distributor worldwide. He is one of the Co-Founders and Principals of PEO Brokerage, Inc., who along with Robert Speer co-founder of the Home Shopping Network, helped to pioneer the use of Internet auctions in the placement of businesses in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry. Under Mr. Barbee’s leadership, the organization grew its sales force to more than 5,000 independent agents all across North America.

At midlife, Mr. Barbee worked as an Executive Producer in Hollywood on movies, reality shows, and live events like Trailer Court Justice, Hot Dish, Hollows Point, and the 605 Reunion from the Hard Rock at Universal Studios. Mr. Barbee has made several friends in the Entertainment Industry and frequently talks to several of Hollywood’s who’s who, giving him the ability to work with the Wounded Warriors Project to help create businesses and green energy jobs that can benefit our heroes. Now his goal is to keep his kids and grandchildren from having to buy bottled oxygen by fostering the adoption of green energy solutions.


The Vice President and Strategist for Advance Green Energy, Inc. is Bradley Dye.

Bradley Dye

VP Domestic Strategist

Mr. Dye was born in the heart of the coal fields in Kanawha County, West Virginia. He began his career working for the first fifteen years with American Electric Power’s Fuel Supply Division.

During his tenure, he was exposed to many facets of the coal industry serving in various capacities from a local mine purchasing agent to the manager of contracts for the corporate office. He was involved in several projects during the escalated construction of several coal mines and coal preparation plants. Waste minimization and the collection of coal fines was of particular interest, as the mines introduced froth flotation into the United States to more efficiently collect coal fines to ship, rather than sending them to coal refuse piles. Additionally, coal refuse stabilization was brought onto the forefront of utilizing waste products from steel mills and gypsum plants to solidify coal slurries.

While production was always the driving force to enable funding for research projects; other important parts of the business such as world-class reclamation projects from mining operations, the potential for coal gasification, transportation of coal slurries and best practices for showing that coal and the environment could coexist. After being recruited from the coal industry, Bradley served in capacities working with Lockheed on a 39 Shipset order.

Mr. Dye graduated from Morris Harvey College in Charleston, West Virginia and has resided in Florida for the past twenty-one years with his wife and family.


The CFO for Advance Green Energy, Inc. is David Bosko.

David Bosko

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bosko brings 40 years of experience to the Chief Financial Officer position. He was the CFO for Craftline Graphics, Inc. since 2015. Prior to that he was the CFO for Seneca Manufacturing from 2013-2014 and CFO for Adeptiv Solutions from 2008 – 2013. From 2002-2007, Mr. Bosko was the Budget Director for Blair Corporation, a $500 million publicly traded mail order company. Prior to Blair, Mr. Bosko held executive financial positions for various small and medium sized companies in the process of start-up or reorganization. Mr. Bosko started his career in public accounting with Touché Ross & Co from 1978 to 1982. Mr. Bosko graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1978 with a BS in accounting and finance. Mr. Bosko is a CPA.


Leonard Stanley Chaikind, an important member of Advance Green Energy, Inc. is referred to as "the father of private funds".

Leonard Stanley Chaikind

Advisory Board Chairman

Leonard Stanley Chaikind, is the Chairman & CEO of Institutional Investors Consulting Company or IICC, located in Houston, Texas. Mr. Chaikind has served in this capacity since he founded IICC in the early 1990’s. Prior to founding IICC, Mr. Chaikind worked for Royal Dutch Shell and the Shell Oil Company for over 35 years in a wide variety of assignments.

After serving in many senior roles, including the Finance Manager for both Shell Chemical and Shell Oil Products, he moved to the Royal Dutch Shell headquarters in London in 1977. During his time in London, he helped coordinate some large corporate projects for Royal Dutch Shell in Saudi Arabia, headed up a group that evaluated Shell’s operations in Turkey and much more.

In 1978 he was appointed to be the position of Regional Treasurer for all Royal Dutch Shell’s operations in the Far East and Australasia (still working out of Shell’s office in London}. In this capacity, Mr. Chaikind was responsible for negotiating and financing well over $50 billion dollars in both corporate and major project activities through out this region. He also developed a number of very important relationships with both key government officials and financial institutions, e.g. banks, investment banks, and countries, e.g. Brunei, China, Yemen, France, Switzerland, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia.

In 1981, he returned to Houston to continue his career with Shell Oil Company. His final assignment for Shell was as the Administrator of the various $12 plus billion dollars Shell Savings and Retirement Programs with responsibility for both the investment and administration of 4 major funds. Over 50% of these funds were managed internally under the guidance of Mr. Chaikind and his staff with the rest being outsourced to various investment managers and consulting groups. During this period, the industry recognized the Shell Funds to be one of the very best.

During his years in this assignment, Mr. Chaikind was also very active in the tax-exempt industry. He was one of the key founders of the Committee on Investment of Employee Benefit Assets (CIEBA), the largest ever Corporate Pension Fund Group in the world. Len served as Vice Chairman of this group from its beginning until his retirement from Shell. He also served as an active member of both the NYSE Institutional Investors Advisory Committee and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Advisory Board (the CFTC is to the futures and derivatives industry what the SEC is to securities industry). Most important, he was very much responsible for bringing the concept of Private Equity Funds into the Institutional Investors market. This is a very important strength of IICC, i.e. knowledge needed to set up and structure Private Equity Funds. Some people still call Len Chaikind “the father of private equity funds.”

During his many years with Shell Oil and Royal Dutch Shell, Len Chaikind (he prefers to be called Len) made many great connections in various governmental agencies, e.g. Turkey, Yemen, China, Russia, USA, India, Saudi Arabia, Africa (e.g. Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa) etc. with some of the major corporations and wealthiest people in the world. Since his retirement from Shell, Mr. Chaikind has stayed very active in the whole area of tax-exempt funds (including health care, Pension Plans, and Social Security reforms) and still maintains a strong presence in Washington, DC.

In addition to his job as the CEO of IICC, Mr. Chaikind also sits on the Boards of several both “For Profit” and “Not for Profit” groups. Military Service - From 1953 to 1956 Mr. Chaikind served in the U.S. Navy (LTSG) as a line officer in the Pacific Amphibious Fleet (Phibpac) on various assignments both in the Far East and the West Coast of North America. Education - MBA, Harvard Business School in 1958, BA Harvard University in Economics in 1953 and endless courses at places like NYU, CCNY, Columbia, The New School for Social Research, and the US Navy.

Prior to all this, Mr. Chaikind was a graduate in 1949 of the Loomis Institute, which is in Windsor, CT. Family – Fantastic – married for 59 years - two great children and 4 wonderful grandchildren

Dwight Chustz sits on the advisory board for Advance Green Energy, Inc.

Dwight Chustz

Advisory Board

Dwight Chustz sits on our Advisory Board and is a native of Louisiana, but has been in the Nashville, TN area for 17 years. Dwight attended Hammond High School, and Southeastern Louisiana University, in Hammond, LA majoring in Economics and receiving a BA degree.

Dwight secured his first job in the energy industry on a pipeline survey crew. There he was introduced to the world of surveying, drafting, construction, and operation of natural gas transmission pipelines and compressor stations for a little over 3 years as a contractor. Dwight applied for a permanent position with the pipeline company he was primarily doing the third party work and was successful in beginning what became a career for over 42 years with several pipeline systems including, ANR Pipeline, Great Lakes, Coastal Corporation, Colorado Interstate Gas, El Paso, Tennessee Gas, Southern Natural Gas, and TransCanada’s pipeline systems.

Dwight's work has allowed him to physically work in over 14 states and, the Gulf of Mexico. All the positions Dwight held were of a supervisory, management and leadership level including Director Level for 8 years. He has served on numerous Company Committees Teams, and Work Groups covered many of the facets of the industry outside of Operations and Maintenance. e.g. Modular employee training, Hiring Strategies.

Since 2014 Dwight has done consulting work for several companies and investors, all in the Energy Sector.



Advance Green Energy, Inc. Advisory Board member Allen N. Reeves III.

Allen N. Reeves III

Advisory Board

Allen N. Reeves, III sits on our Advisory Board, Allen is a Tampa area native that has endeavored in numerous diverse projects throughout the years, thus showing his attention to detail and willingness to tackle difficult projects. To this extent, Allen began his career working in the automotive industry with his father at Reeves Motor Sports in the Pre-Owned Vehicle Department.

Allen has traveled throughout the world and has showcased his athletic talents playing in prestigious charitable golf tournaments during these travels. Additionally, Allen’s entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to a) invent two successful arcade games and create the first online interactive football game; b) manage and invest in real estate projects; c) invest and advise in the art of purchasing precious gems and metals; and, d) was instrumental in the design of part of the Allen N. Reeves Sports Complex at Clemson University.

Allen is a devout Christian and has authored books on prophecy and Biblical interpretation. Allen is a true Clemson University supporter where his father was an alumnus and has carried on the family support of the university after his father’s death.

Allen resides in Brandon Florida and part-time in the mountains of North Carolina with his wife Touria.

Advance Green Energy, Inc. Advisory Board member Ike S C Ikefuama is from Abuja Nigeria.

Ike S C Ikefuama

Advisory Board

Mr. Ike S, C, Ikefuama Esq sits on our Advisory Board is from Abuja Nigeria. He has been outstanding with the knowledge he brings to our company on the power generation all throughout Africa.

He will be advising AGE and opening doors for our product to help get all of Africa a cleaner atmosphere.

Advance Green Energy, Inc. Advisory Board member Richard "Dick" Price.

Richard "Dick" Price

Advisory Board

Richard "Dick" Price sits on our Advisory Board and is often referred to as "The Best of the Best!" by the other members of our executive team and also by former President Ronald Reagan. His investigative achievements include:

  • United States Military & CIA trained.
  • Former-Elected Law Enforcement Official. Associated Offices in Costa Rica, Bahamas, Panama Canal Zone, London, Central America & Europe.

Mr. Price is the very best at Patent Infringement Investigations.

Jack "Jay" Rice is a participating member of Advance Green Energy, Inc..

Jack "Jay" Rice Jr.

Advisory Board

Jack “Jay” Rice Jr. currently serves as the Vice President of Jack Rice Insurance, a successful insurance agency in Largo, Florida operating since 1985. Jay has over 26 years of experience in the industry. He is a member of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents and holds Florida insurance licenses in Life and Health and Property and Casualty.

Jay graduated with a BBA from the University of Georgia. Jay is also the Chairman of the board and principal founder for Modern Business Associates, a premier HR Outsourcing provider in St. Petersburg, Florida since 1997.

Dedicated to community service, Jay promotes several philanthropic efforts by encouraging involvement with the teams at Jack Rice Insurance and Modern Business Associates. Such recent efforts include, but are not limited to:

He currently lives in downtown St. Pete with his wife of 4 years Kelly McFrederick with Premier Southerbys International Realty.

  • (2008) Board Member for CASA – an organization aiding abused families in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • (2011) Candidate contributor to former Sheriff Evert Rice’s run for Sheriff in 2012
  • (2005 – 2011) Corporate sponsor for All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • (2005 – 2010) Annual sponsor for Baseball for Kids event – raising funds for All Children’s Hospital
  • (2004 – 2011) Corporate sponsor for AMIKid’s – an organization dedicated to serving “at risk” youths
  • (2004 – 2011) Annual sponsor for AMIKid’s Reverse Raffle fundraising event
  • (2000 – 2011) Corporate sponsor Academy Prep Foundation in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • (2006 – 2011) Corporate sponsor for Police Athletic League
  • (2000 – 2007) Corporate sponsor for Pinellas Habitat for Humanity
  • (2010 to current) Contributing member of the Abilities Guild – a non-profit organization for disabled veterans
  • (2010- to Current) Donor for American Stage Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • (2007 – 2011) Annual contributor to the Clothes for Kids organization in Clearwater, Florida
  • (2005 – 2011) Annual contributor to Haven House – an organization aiding abused families
  • (2006 – 2011) Annual contributor to Resurrection House – an organization aiding abused families
  • (2005 – 2011) Annual contributor to Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
  • (2008) Donor to American Heart Association
  • (2009 – 2011) Annual contributor to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
  • (2010) Coordinated company-wide fundraising efforts to aid the families of St. Petersburg, Florida’s fallen police officers
  • For the last three years, he has concentrated he efforts to the St. Grand Prix and PAL nonprofit Association (Police Athletic League).








Keith Hill

Advisory Board

Keith Hill, a native of Western North Carolina, has spent most of his career in the petroleum marketing and supply sector.  He began his career in the energy market as a buyer for a large textile mill in North Carolina where he was responsible for all the fuel and energy requirements. 

In 1978 he accepted a marketing position with ATC Petroleum, a division of the Axel Johnson group and a Wilmington, NC refiner of No. 6 fuel oil and diesel fuel.  His area of responsibilities included North Carolina, Northern South Carolina and Southern Virginia.  He later became the Sales Manager for ATC, responsible for all sales and marketing.  From ATC, Keith was recruited for the position of Southeast Sales and Marketing Manager with Steuart Petroleum Company in Wilmington, NC.  He established an office in Wilmington to handle the purchase, scheduling, storage and sales of gasoline and diesel fuel to customers along the Colonial Pipeline system. 

In the late 1980's, Steuart relocated Keith to their terminal and marketing operation in Jacksonville, FL as Marketing Manager.  The Jacksonville operation supplied No. 6 fuel oil to papermills and utilities, bunkers to the marine industry, diesel fuel to railroads, utilities, industries and local petroleum distributors.  His responsibilities included management of all No. 6 fuel oil inventory and delivery of bunkers to marine customers and papermills.  The marketing activities involved travel for he an his associates to customers in many parts of the world.  Keith was also involved in the acquistion and negotiations of supply contracts and agreements. 

In the mid 90's Aectra Refining and Marketing, a Houston company, purchased the Jacksonville marketing operation.  Keith continued his role of managing the office, overseeing all marketing activities and assisting with the negotiations of the supply contracts and agreements.  He also served as liason with the local terminal operator.

In 2001 Colonial Oil Industries in Savannah, GA purchased the Jacksonville marketing operation and assumed all terminal agreements.  Keith became the Vice President of Marine and Industrial Sales for the new owners and continued to perform the same responsibilities.  Colonial's marketing area included Jacksonville, FL, Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC and Wilminton, NC.  Keith ended his position with Colonial Oil in July 2013 when they sold the bunkering and No. 6 oil division of the company. 

Keith and his wife Helena have resided in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL for the past 28 years.  They are members of the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville where Keith has served as Usher, Usher Chairman, Deacon Chairman and Trustee.