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Advance Green Energy, Inc. products, such as fossil fuel additives and our 2.5mw generator, bring green energy to customers wanting to burn fossil fuel better and cleaner.

Quotation marks for the beginning of a quote. Advance Green Energy, Inc. was incorporated to develop, package and sell products that provide customers with a single source, turn-key solution to their green energy needs. Every day, we are working to develop new green ideas to bring green energy, which of course is the cleanest, most efficient, and affordable solution on earth, to our customers.

Over the last 11 years, we have discovered and helped develop some of the most amazing products that truly do help burn fossil fuel better and cleaner. Look at what we have done and try it for yourself. All of our fuel additives have been tested and have been proven to help keep engines cleaner, and to help them last longer.

Our 2.5 mw gen-sets are like no other generator on earth... big, powerful, and long-lasting. With one of our 2.5s in place, you are the grid. Please enjoy our site. Quotation marks that are placed at the end of a sentence.

Mike Barbee, Chairman of the Board

Reaching for our goal by working with people and organizations spanning most continents and various sectors.

The AGE team is working with people from most of the world's continents, other experts, organizations, utilities, and governments to package our solutions to meet your needs. Our collective staff of highly skilled employees and representatives have worked in various parts of the energy, financial, and government sectors, giving us a well-rounded perspective when it comes to the design and implementation of cost-saving strategies. Our goal is to develop technology that balances the use of efficiency, while obtaining the highest level of power and performance.

AGE forms partnerships with diverse people, organizations, and experts that span the globe.

Cooperative Economic Analyses, Project Management, Transportation Logistics, & More With Our Affiliates & Strategic Partners

In cooperation with our affiliates and strategic partners, we provide the following:

  • Site-Specific Application Analysis
  • Economic Analyses
  • Environmental Qualifications
  • Design and Engineering
  • Control, Design, and Integration
  • Utility Negotiations/Interface
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Construction and Installation
  • Training and Commissioning
  • O&M Services

AGE advances immediate energy solutions that are sustainable.

Advance Green Energy, Inc.'s focus is on advancing sustainable development solutions in needed areas, by providing immediate energy solutions, while developing LONG TERM ENVIRONMENTAL ALTERNATIVES, such as:

  1. Power Generated from our 2.5 megawatt, 5,000 horsepower, all self-contained mini power plants.
  2. Providing the most amazing fossil fuel additives known to man.
  3. Gasification of coal into clean bio-fuel (pipeline quality natural gas, synthetic-diesel fuel, organic gasoline).

Advance Green Energy, Inc. focuses on green solutions for energy needs.

Top 3 things our technology solutions can do.

  1. Meet your green energy needs with clean and powerful water projects.
  2. Benefit the environment and help our kids, and grandkids, live a safe oxygen-rich life.
  3. Encourage socioeconomic progress.