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Testimonials submitted by people who have benefitted from our products, or were inspired by our work.

"Hi, Deb!

This is great news and progress you all have made! I don't know anything about starting a company, but I do know it has to be a tremendous amount of work and extremely stressful.

Thank you all so very much for the work you have done, also for your patience in being so ready to visit with us and to explain and answer all the questions we have thrown at you over the past months. Everything sure sounds and looks positive. Thanks for allowing us to be part of the journey.

Thanks again,

Jean & Howard
Davis Rogersville, Tn


I've met a lot of Executives with lots of drive, or so I thought. On the sidelines I've been watching some of the things that you and Brad have been doing. You are by far a head and shoulders above any person I've met. You are the personification of the Energizer Bunny! I've never witnessed the drive and passion you have shown and will show throughout this process. You exemplify the saying I use so much.......The harder I try the luckier I get.

In short, I admire you as a Christian is this world we are in and as a goal driven businessman. For you, it's not all about the money. You truly want to make a positive impact on people and the environment around the world."

Dwight Chustz
Spring Hill, TN

Thanks for the update..stay encouraged..this is OUR year! We're behind you!"  Rebecca Snyder, Winter Springs, FL


 "Yes, this is wonderful news for AGE.  The future is an unknown but regardless where history takes AGE, all of the investors owe a debt of gratitude to all those whom have toiled and sacrificed so much to carry the burdens of this endeavor from its conception.   We have been blessed to be part of this new beginning and the unknown journey before us."  Gene Allen, Sarasota, FL


Hey Debra.  
Thank you for the update.  I certainly appreciate all that AGE is doing for our world.  For my sons and grandsons future world.  Great things are in store for the future of AGE and for the future of our mother earth!!  With much respect and admiration to you all!!!    
Kathy Korson, Tampa, FL