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The Director of the E.P.A. of Sierra Leone Welcomes AGE Advance Green Energy’s Senior Vice President & International Strategist

Mr. Syl-Brains of Sierra Leone's EPA welcomes AGE International Strategist Mr. Shahid Iqbal.Brooksville, Florida (AGE) Advance Green Energy, Inc. announces that AGE's Senior Vice President and International Strategist, Mr. Shahid Iqbal, was welcomed by the Director of Sierra Leone's EPA, Mr. Syl-Brains Kamara.

Mr. Kamara took plenty of time to explain to Mr. Iqbal that recently the government and the EPA began cracking down on the violators of black smoke in their country. Violators now face a $5,000 to $10,000 fine in US dollars. The new EPA standards align well with the FUTT™ products by AGE.

Map of the western part of AfricaMr. Iqbal later toured the Goderich community, a gated community built in 2011 where the President of Sierra Leone has a residence. He visited the large generator used to supply all the electricity to the six apartment blocks currently being occupied by residents of Freetown. Mr. Iqbal discussed the benefits of FUTT-13™ with the general manager. Goderich is an affluent neighborhood in the west end of Freetown, Sierra Leoone's...

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