Cargo ship diesel engines run clean and more efficiently when the additive FUTT-13 is used.

FUTT-13™ Focused on Diesel Fuel

FUTT-13™ is the fossil fuel additive that improves engine performance and reduces both fuel consumption and harmful emissions from virtually any diesel engine.

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Impactful green energy consumption for diesel engines, with the use of FUTT-13™

Our fossil fuel additive FUTT-13™ can be used in virtually any type of diesel engine, will reduce sulfur trioxide and other harmful emissions, and is compliant with climate clean laws.

FUTT-13™ is a fossil fuel additive that is changing the way fuels are burned in the atmosphere by creating and implementing impactful green energy consumption. It can be used in any diesel motor buses, boats, trucks, or generators with no retrofitting of equipment required.

Improved Engine Performance, Extended Machinery Life, & Climate Clean Laws Compliance

This beneficial fuel additive helps generate more kilowatts/miles per gallon. It effectively improves engine performance and extends the life of the machinery that uses FUTT-13™.

Adding FUTT-13™ into your diesel fuel 1 or 2 has been known to reduce fuel consumption by up to 18%.

Additionally, machines that use FUTT-13™ have shown no signs of abnormal engine wear. The use of FUTT-13™ will help your company's compliance with new climate clean laws and burn less fuel, cleaner fuel, and generate less pollution than any other fuels on the market today.

Harmful emissions, such as carbon dioxide, are reduced.

We effectively reduce black smoke and pollution from exhaust in any diesel engine. As a result, less fuel is used and wasted as harmful emissions. We efficiently battle both greenhouse gasses and acid rain causing gasses such as

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Sulfur Trioxide
  • Sulfur Dioxide

No longer will you have to worry about soot, black smoke, black deposit, or fouling. All of these harmful byproducts, to both the environment and humans, are removed from your diesel fuel by utilizing the strong properties in the FUTT-13™ additive.

FUTT-13 produces less harmful emissions.