FUTT-14 promotes the gasification of coal, because of how it affects the way coal burns.

FUTT-14™ Focused on Coal Gasification

FUTT-14™ is the product that, through the gasification of coal and the increased use of bio-fuel, will bring jobs back to most of the jobless coal miners of the United States

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Coal gas as the path towards jobs and leadership in the clean fuel industry.

FUTT-14™ is our synthetic biodiesel fuel additive that increases the profitability of the gasification of coal, which in turn can open job opportunities for American workers who are dependent upon the coal industry.

Coal Gas is the clean fuel of the future. As the name suggests, this product is made from coal and is a synthetic biodiesel fuel that could very well stimulate the coal industry and help this country to "Make Coal Great Again".  Once the United States completes the building of all of its gasification plants that were planned years ago, we could be the leaders in the clean fuel industry.

Benefits from commercially ready FUTT-14™.

Our product FUTT-14™, used in the gasification of coal, could replenish significant portions of liquid fossil fuels. FUTT-14™ is ready to be used commercially worldwide. An added benefit of our breakthrough technology with FUTT-14™ is that it significantly increases the profitability of gasification.

How FUTT-14™ can mean more jobs for US coal miners.

According to Michael W. Wynne, the Secretary of the Air Force, our military is the largest user of bio-fuel in the world. By AGE offering products such as FUTT-14, AGE will be on the front lines of making it possible for the production of this much needed bio-fuel.

By building smaller versions of gasification plants and utilizing FUTT-14™, we can avoid moving coal and transfer only the liquid bio-fuel created from the plants. This method is the safest today and is our prize additive currently on the market for green technologies.

American coal miners would gain more jobs with the mass adoption of FUTT-14.

China currently leads in the technology for gasification of coal.

China is building coal gasification plants at breakneck speed, in order to contain their smog problem. Currently, they lead the world in gasification technology and supply their population with much-needed power.

China has plans to build 50 coal gasification plants in less populated northwestern parts of the country.

They intend to use the gas produced by new gasification plants to generate electricity in the more populated areas, where smog is prevalent.

Two coal gasification pilot plants have been built, with three more under construction, and an additional 16 have been approved for construction. The rest of the plants are in various planning stages.

Eighty percent of the 50 plants are planned to be located in northwest China. They will be in the provinces or regions of Xinjiang, western Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, and Gansu.

These plants are part of China’s plan to alleviate air pollution in its smoggiest cities by reducing coal use by 2020, instead of using gas from coal produced miles away. According to the Chinese state-owned power companies, these plants are considered “clean energy” or “new energy.” To achieve cleaner air in the cities through gasification, net carbon dioxide emissions will increase. AGE's FUTT-14™ could make this a more profitable undertaking thereby encouranging the use of gasification in other countries.