Advance Green Energy, Inc.'s FUTT-15 greatly reduces the emissions and pollution produced by heavy fuel oil.

FUTT-15™ Focused on HFO & Bunker Fuel

The high amount of pollution caused by Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) can be greatly reduced by FUTT-15™, as the use of this fossil fuel additive results in fewer byproducts and cleaner airways.

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Cleaner Air is Possible Because FUTT-15™  Is Engineered To Prevent Pollution From Un-Burnt Fuel.

Mileage is increased for fossil fuel burning equipment, because higher BTU produces more energy and more kilowatts are generated by less fuel consumption, thanks to the additive FUTT-15™.

FUTT-15™ provides benefits, such as less fuel is used to travel the same amount of miles. However, you will still be generating the same, if not more, kilowatts of power. FUTT-15™ prevents un-burnt fuel from polluting the air at a much quicker rate than any other fossil fuel additive. FUTT-15™ is engineered to burn heavy fuel oil or bunker fuel while it is in the engine, and not in the smokestack. This not only aids the movement in cleaner airways but also increases mileage in any fossil fuel burning equipment.

High price paid by the environment for low-cost usage of HFO and bunker fuels.

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Bunker fuel are some of the dirtiest fuels available on the market. These fuels are most commonly found in the shipping industry due to the low cost of fuel and the availability on the market.

However, these fuels are dirty and are causing a higher price to be paid from an environmental standpoint. With more awareness focused on global warming and environmentally friendly products, we stepped up to create FUTT-15™, which is a product that would essentially help these fuels produce cleaner byproducts.

HFO & Bunker Fuel Bans Around the World

Most likely, the future will show all the ports of the world disallowing the burning of dirty heavy fuel oil and bunker fuels. The clean air summit in Paris of 2015 pushed this movement forward. We need to clean up our environment, and this summit was the push in the right direction.

Using our product, FUTT-15™ will allow you to continue burning HFO and Bunker fuels, but with reduced black smoke and pollution.

Today, more than eight countries worldwide are passing bans on freighters unloading at their docks if HFO or Bunker fuel is being burned.