Power plants receive an increased efficiency boost from burning coal treated with TMT-13.

TMT-13™ Focused on Coal Burning Efficiency & Toxins

Burning coal treated with our TMT-13™ product allows power plants to increase their efficiency to generate more power and produce less toxins, all while burning less coal.

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TMT-13™ Treated Coal Reduces Toxic Chemicals & Makes Inexpensive Coal Burn Like Expensive Coal

A more complete burn of coal is accomplished by TMT-13™ through chemically manipulating how it burns. This allows for power plants to use less coal, thereby reducing costs.

TMT-13™ has the ability to treat common types of coal being used in coal-fired power plants in a way that significantly reduces environmentally harmful emissions and dangerous toxic chemicals. Utilizing our product, TMT-13™, we can do this right now!

AGE's TMT-13™ formula chemically manipulates the way inexpensive coal burns and gives it the ability to burn like the more expensive coals. TMT-13™ will reduce costs in power plants by allowing them to use less coal that will burn more completely. A more complete burn equals less coal producing the same or more power, allowing for significant savings in coal costs and equipment downtime.

Inexpensive coal burns like expensive coal, because of how TMT-13 causes it to burn.

Results from combustion experts who have tested TMT-13™.

Experts in combustion technology at Western Kentucky University have tested TMT-13™. According to the Institute for Combustion Science and Environmental Technology (ICSET), "It can be found that there was no CO produced during the combustion; carbon was completely transferred to CO2 in this reaction".

Essentially, the coal was completely burned and turned into CO2, a greenhouse gas. We are reducing the carbon because of the higher burning temperatures and we are reducing the amount of fuel and achieving the same output or more of generated power.

A better burn from coal provides an economic benefit via lower costs plus more energy supplied to the power company.

Researchers stated, “we focused on the emissions of CO, NO, NO2, SO2, and SO3, as well as the expected combustion product, CO2, during the coal combustion. It can be found that there was no CO produced during the combustion, carbon was completely oxidized to CO2 in this process. Furthermore, it helped to identify there is no emission of nitrogen oxide emissions, such as NO and NO2 …”

We interrupted the entire process with our TMT-13™ product. This allows the power plant to use less coal, yet produce the same amount or more power. In the end, your business significantly saves in coal cost and downtime for equipment cleaning, while saving the environment from harmful byproducts.