Young potted plant symbolizing the eco-friendly projects that Advance Green Energy, Inc. is involved with.

Our Projects To Create Green Energy Around the World

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Advance Green Energy, Inc. Turns Green Energy Goals Into Real-World, Eco-Friendly Projects

Agreements have been reached or are underway between AGE and various institutions in different parts of the world, that have a need for green energy solutions, to make products from AGE available.

Factories polluting the air with harmful emissions.

There are still many countries in the world without some form of environmental laws. There are also a number of countries who have a desire to protect the environment, but do not have the technology or products necessary to act.

At Advance Green Energy, Inc., we believe in more than just expressing our goal of providing eco-friendly, green energy solutions. We take action in the real world, by using our talent assets to communicate with the relevant parties, assessing the situation presented during communications, and then formulating and implementing a game plan. This approach has led to a number of projects where agreements have been reached, or are in the process of being negotiated, between AGE and governments, companies, and other institutions in various parts of the world, to make AGE products available in such places as Singapore, Bangkok, and others.