Power plants receive an increased efficiency boost from burning coal treated with TMT-13.

TMT-13™ Focused on Coal Burning Efficiency & Toxins

Burning coal treated with our TMT-13™ product allows power plants to increase their efficiency to generate more power and produce less toxins, all while burning less coal.

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Gob Recovery from Re-Mining Operations


Advance Green Energy, Inc. "AGE" has developed a unique approach to solve an age old problem with the handing of waste products resulting from mining operations.  The resulting materials left from mining are stored in gob piles or refuse piles.  Over the years, these storage sectors have created a huge liability for coal operators.

Over the course of time in the United States there have been over 16,000 abandoned coal mines.  These operations have been mined over the last 200 years.  For the re-mining of coal, the older the mining works are, the better for recovery, as most of these operations sent coal under either 1" or 2" straight to the gob piles.  Mike Barbee, the founder of AGE has been on a quest over the past ten years and spent millions of dollars over the course of that time to find an economical solution to convert the massive liability from the gob piles to a very obtainable asset for the coal industry.

The massive waste piles - some containing more than 100 million tons of material can be removed, treated with AGE's TMT-13™, which will create a lower ignition temperature in the boiler.  Thus, allowing a longer and more complete burn of the coal.  The result is less coal utilized for the same BTU, the same or more kilowatts per ton, less toxic emissions such as NOX, CO2, and CO just to name a few.  Many of the heavy metals left in coal ash such as arsenic, mercury, and boron, a total of 25 toxins left in the fly ash are encapsulated by our nano technology and will not leach back out of the many building materials that can now be safely produced with this product.  AGE has trademarked this new product as "Treated Coal™", after this treatment with our state-of-the-art technology, that gob can now be sold worldwide as what AGE believes is the cleanest burning coal on earth.  By selling the "Treated Coal™"  reclamation projects are now worth enough to turn a profit while reclaiming the land.

AGE's research and development with the help of Western Kentucky University's Combustion Technology Department, which is one of the top four coal combustion authorities in the world, based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, leads AGE into territory never explored.

AGE also believes that because of the amazing results by WKU testing of AGE's product, power plants will have the ability to burn gob with "Treated Coal™" and it will be the most efficient way to burn what the coal industry has discarded as trash for 100s of years.

AGE's "Treated Coal™" can truly make a difference in the cleaning of the estimated 16,000 abandoned coal mines with gob piles in America.

All those gob piles were just liabilities, until now.  With the use of AGE's "Treated Coal™" they will become assets that can be removed from the land, allowing AGE to restore the land to the virgin soil the gob was piled on years ago, stopping the runoff of the 25 toxic chemicals that are polluting our drinking water all over the central and eastern parts of the United States.

It is well known by every gob pile owner that the EPA, now more than ever, is leading the charge on cleaning up all gob piles and slurry ponds in America.

AGE's approach to the re-mining efforts is unique, as it utilizes a dry method of recovery, unlike adding water which intensifies the environmental impact.  AGE's product allows the re-mining efforts to be quicker, cleaner and produces a high quality coal product with a higher BTU and a much cleaner burn.  There is a lot of talk these days about clean coal, we all know there is no such thing.  Coal is composed of carbon, and you cannot manipulate carbon to burn 100% clean. 

AGE can come as close as any company to a cleaner burning coal by using our product and creating "Treated Coal™", turning huge liabilities into huge assets, making it a win, win for coal companies and the environment.  By using AGE's "Treated Coal™" a wave for a more positive future is here for the coal industry, not only reclaiming coal from gob piles, but a new way of burning coal in all coal burning power plants.  Our "Treated Coal™" will increase the kilowatts per ton, reduce the air pollution pouring out of smokestacks, encapsulate the fly ash eliminating the chance of an event like what happened in February of 2014 at Dan's River.  This event caused 39,000 tons of contaminated coal ash leached into the water, which caused an environmental impact that is still being felt and resulted in $102 million dollars in fines for Duke Energy.  Using "Treated Coal™" helps to make everyone a good steward to our environment.