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Fighting Air Pollution By Treating Fuel In Singapore

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AGE Will Show Participating Countries In The 2018 Clean Air Summit, How Additives FUTT-13™ & FUTT-15™ Can Clean The Air Pollution of Singapore

By meeting with The Blackmine Group, LLC and the proper authorities of Singapore, Advance Green Energy, Inc. plans to enact a pilot program, where mass transit equipment will run on FUTT-13™ treated fuel and FUTT-15™ will be used to clean up the burning of bunker fuel.

Citizens in Singapore were forced to wear faced masks, because of the severity of the air pollution problem.AGE has secured a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) with The Blackmine Group, LLC. Our goal with Singapore is to help them with a very serious problem, and time is of the essence. Diesel fuel from cars, buses, and trucks are causing an air pollution problem of epic proportions. We are working with The Blackmine Group, LLC (Blackmine) out of Orlando, Florida to provide them with the additives they need to help clean their air pollution. It is very important for AGE and Blackmine to show Singapore, and those countries that attended the summit, what we can do to fix their heavy pollution problem.

FUTT-15 will be used to clean up the problems that Singapore has with bunker fuel use. Our goal is to meet with Blackmine and the proper authorities in Singapore to run a pilot program on all their mass transit equipment. This will show how FUTT-13™ can help clean up the air and to also show how FUTT-15™ can help clean up the use of bunker fuel. We have an M.O.U. in place to achieve these goals. We have found that Singapore is, and has been, in the top 5 countries for the use and distribution of bunker fuel in the world.

By showing Singapore what AGE can do to the burning of bunker fuel and by securing an agreement with Singapore, AGE will become one of the fastest growing American companies in the world.