Promoting green energy through clean burning fossil fuels.

Advance Green Energy, Inc. Develops Products & Technology To Create Green Energy

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Clouds and Clean Air

We're Creating Cleaner Air Through Fuel Additives & Coal Treatments

Burn existing fossil fuels cleaner and more efficient.

Here at Advance Green Energy, Inc., our goal is to create products that make energy production more environmentally friendly. Our products are fuel additives that make existing fossil fuels like coal, burn cleaner and more efficiently. We've also created products to make the burning of diesel and other fuels better for the environment.

FUTT-13 Burns Diesel Fuel Cleaner


For Cleaner Burning Diesel Fuel

View FUTT-13

FUTT-14 Creates Goal Gasification


Produces the Gasification of Coal

View FUTT-14

FUTT-15 Cleanly Burns Bunker Fuel


Burns HFO & Bunker Fuel Cleanly

View FUTT-15


TMT-13 Improves Coal Burning Efficiency


Reduces Toxins For Coal Burning


Primary Power Source, or Backup Power, with our Power Generator

Power Generator

Power Generation Stations as Primary Source or Backup Power

View Our Power Generator

Hand with leaf growing from clean air due to green energy.
Grass growing from cleaner environment.
A green energy business investor at a computer.


It's time to invest in a world that's powered by clean energy.

Advance Green Energy, Inc. is currently offering investment opportunities for investors seeking a great return, while also helping the environment by funding the creation of green energy products.

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About Advance Green Energy, Inc.

Advance Green Energy, Inc. working towards a greener environment.

We all know that our current society is harmful to the environment, everything from our diesel engines to coal burning for electricity. At Advance Green Energy, Inc., our mission is to reduce the impact these elements have on our environment, the ozone layer, and global warming.

It's impractical to think we can easily get rid of the aspects that cause our environmental issues, they have been built up over hundreds of years. However, what we can do is find ways to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

That's what we do here at Advance Green Energy, Inc.. We create products and fuel additives that can be added to diesel, coal, and other fuels to make them burn cleaner and more efficiently. This allows us to burn less and be more environmentally friendly.

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