Among the products that Advance Green Energy, Inc. offers are 4 fuel additives that allow for cleaner burning fossil fuels.

Our Green Energy Products

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Green energy standards form the basis of our "Fuels Using Tomorrow's Technology" products.

Environmentally safe products, such as our trademarked fossil fuel additives that produce fewer greenhouse gasses, are the results of our using the power of science and technology as tools.

FUTT stands for Fuels Using Tomorrow's Technology, which is exactly what the products at AGE do. We utilize cutting-edge science and technology to produce usable, environmentally safe products that will benefit commercial, industrial, government, and utility customers.

Each of our products was designed with the standards of green energy in mind, which offer customers a better tomorrow.

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Our 4 Fossil Fuel Efficiency Additives

Advance Green Energy has four products available to consumers, that produce less greenhouse and acid rain gasses, and promote more efficient performance from fossil fuel burning engines.


This product is used as a fossil fuel additive to treat diesel fuel for both on-road and off-road heavy-duty equipment.

View FUTT-13™


This fossil fuel additive is essential in the process of gasification from coal. We use this product in the gasification plants to aid in improving and maximizing the production of biodiesel.

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Necessary for reducing soot, black smoke, and other by-products of fuel burning, we use this additive to treat bunker fuel and HFO in both boiler and diesel engines. These are used on land and sea and are critical for the use of some ports around the world.

View FUTT-15™


By adding this product into fuel production, we are able to inexpensively burn coal by manipulating the way the coal burns. This turns the performance of inexpensive coal burning into an equivalent burn of the more expensive coals, which saves time and money.

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Low-Speed Flex-Fuel Power Generation Station

Our power generation station is changing the lives of many communities around the world. This one-of-a-kind generator is housed in a 44' shipping container and boasts a 2.5MW low-speed flex-fuel 5,000 horsepower unit.

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Our staff works with organizations and governments from around the world to provide access to high-performance power.

Advance Green Energy, Inc. has gone global, working with many other countries around the world to provide access to efficient, low-use, high-performance power. The AGE team works with experts, organizations, utilities, and governments to package our solutions to meet your needs.

Our staff of highly skilled employees and representatives has worked in the energy, financial, and government sectors. This allows us many perspectives when it comes to designing and implementing cost-saving strategies. Call us at 606-435-0177 to find out how we can provide you with access to efficient green energy solutions.